Mystim Rocking Force


Black Large Butt Plug with E-Stim

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May the force be within you!

In a very impressive way, Rocking Force proves how tempting the dark side of the force really can be. Wrapped in imperial black, the Mystim butt plug loves to vanish where the sun hardly ever shines. And inserting it there is really easy, as the plug’s gracefully formed silicone made body has a tapering shape and ends in a softly rounded tip. If you are a virgin to anal toys then Rocking Force S is probably your blaster of choice. Overthrowing your anal deflector shield was a piece of cake? As an advanced you should pick Rocking Force L and get the ”Stormtrooper-Rock” going.


Plunge right into happiness: After only a few centimetres the electrical isolation of the poles of the Mystim e-stim butt plug kicks in. To activate the two poles an electrical device – like the Cluster Buster, the Tension Lover or the Pure Vibes – is necessary. And then – ”cowabunga” goes the electrical stimulation. Even when just start to stretch, the current makes you tingle, prickle and pulsate quite properly.


If you want it, the tickling lustful sensation can last for hours. Or if a quick but powerful orgasm is your game, you can vary and intensify the stimulation for that purpose, as well. Or ”save” yourself mere seconds before cumming. Just as you like it – and as you set it.


Just use some water and mild suds to clean it and regularly put some skin-friendly disinfection to it. After it is completely dried off it is ready for the next large-scale operation.


The MYSTIM BUTT PLUG ROCKING FORCE is made of medical-grade platinum silicone. Somebody that brilliant shouldn’t go into hiding at all – but some benefactors simply love to work in secret. They love to work hard and with pleasure to create unforgettable moments. And they are hard to stop in their progress. Why can’t just everybody have so much fun at work like those two unbreakable little soldiers Rocking Force S and Rocking Force L?

Technical details
– Type: E-Stim Butt Plug
– Length 3.7-4.1 inch
– Diameter 1.5-1.9 inch
– Weight 55-90g
– Pole 2 (bi-polar)
– Colour: black
– Made of 100% medical-grade platinum silicone
– E-Stim Power Device required
– Connection via Mystim plug